Hospitality in a Brave New World

Hospitality in a Brave New World

We’re in this together

The Warehouse Hotel remains committed to doing our part in protecting everyone in our community. Hospitality has been our way of life and continues to guide us as we have made preparations to welcome guests back.

In looking to the future of hospitality, we have examined every touchpoint and developed new best-in-class practices to us through the long-term. This includes:

  • Investing in state-of-the-art filtration technologies from ProMed to purify the air and the use of the Victory Handheld Sprayer for regular disinfection across the hotel.
  • Unceasing cleaning and disinfecting across high-touch surfaces in guest rooms, facilities and public spaces.
  • Pivoting to become a fully cashless establishment.
  • Going the extra mile with contactless services.
  • Provision of sanitisation care kits for each guest upon check in.
  • All staff also have access to telemedical care to secure their health and consequently, yours.

The Warehouse Hotel and Po have been certified as SG Clean Establishments — our hygiene and sanitation measures have been inspected by the appointed assessors, and our staff are happy and healthy.

We believe in continuing to create awesome experiences for everyone to enjoy and look forward to doing so through all these efforts to give you greater peace of mind.

Read more about our Trust & Safety Programme in the statement below.

1. Enhanced Hygiene & Cleanliness

Unceasing Cleaning & Disinfection

Within guest rooms, each room is sanitised after cleaning, and will be sanitised again prior to check-in guests’ arrival. Upon request, we can provide the additional assurance of sanitising one more time in front of the guest as well. 

The use of the Victory Handheld Sprayer is used to disinfect three times a day in all public spaces within the hotel. Cleaning and disinfection to high-touch surfaces is increased to at least once every two hours using 70% alcohol-based solutions. Additional focus is placed on 34 categories of high-touch surfaces from front to back-of-house, such as keycards, in-room remote controls, control panels, countertops, handles, menus, payment machines, pens, mobile phones, laptop/iPad, point of sales screens and bathroom areas. 

At the poolside area, the deck chairs and seating areas are regularly sanitised. Frequent pool water testing is also conducted to keep you safe.

New Air Purification Solutions 

We have invested in installing new technologies such as the ProMed Ozone machine, which employs cutting-edge technology to sterilise air and surfaces by disinfecting and enhancing air quality throughout the day and night. 

Regular Hand Sanitising 

Regular use of hand sanitisers is encouraged with all guests, employees, delivery riders and suppliers at entrances upon arrival. Hand sanitisers are prominently placed near high-touch surfaces and throughout the space for ease of access and enhanced cleanliness. 

SG Clean Standards

In-depth employee training has been conducted to ensure SG Clean standards are communicated and implemented across each and every point within the hotel.


2. Contactless Services

Exclusively Contactless Payment

We have pivoted to become a cashless establishment with contactless payment options only, to alleviate the risk of transmission and for faster service.
Prior to their arrival, guests have the option to have both Pre-authorisation details and their Photo ID collected digitally (via email) to avoid physical contact of passports, IDs and credit cards upon check-in.
Express checkout options are available as well, where no signature is required for Visa and Mastercard payments and invoices will be emailed directly to guests to minimise human interaction.

Curbside Pickup & Payment 

Seamless curbside pickup service is offered across all venues to reduce interaction. Takeaway orders are placed directly into the customers’ vehicles without contact for greater convenience.


3. Keeping You Safe & Comfortable, Always

New In-Room Experience

To provide greater peace of mind, guests also have the option to opt out of daily housekeeping to minimise human interactions. Daily turndown service will also only be available upon request. For all room service orders, our team will be serving your orders from your door to prevent additional contact.

Guest rooms will be sanitised after your check out and prior to our Housekeeping team cleaning the rooms to ensure the safety and health of our staff, and consequently yours.

New Menu Experience

Menus have been thoughtfully redesigned with minimal touch in mind. We are exploring options such as ordering directly from mobile, receiving a digital menu, or single-use menus as an added safety measure and for peace of mind.

Fresh Table Set-Up:

Tables and chairs are thoroughly sanitised for each individual before and after each seating to uphold high standards of cleanliness. As an extra measure, certain venues do not pre-set tables. Fresh wrapped tableware will be presented only after you are seated. 

Social Distancing: 

Our spaces are carefully reconfigured in capacity and furniture arrangements to accommodate safe distancing of at least 1m apart at all times. Additional markers and signage remind our colleagues and guests to respect each other’s space. 


4. Protecting Our Community

Keeping Everyone Safe:

We kindly ask to stay home if you display a temperature above 37.5°C or are unable to agree to the statements on SafeEntry. Please do not take this personally in any way — we are doing our best to be safe and protect one another during this time.

Employee Wellbeing: Looking Out For Each Other 

Staff temperature checks are conducted twice daily and new, expanded medical benefits include medical tele-consultation service for the comfort and convenience of all employees. Our team also have access to mindfulness and wellness resources to maintain their emotional and mental health. Nourishing refreshments are provided to them as well as our extended family of delivery riders and suppliers. 

Personal Protection:

We equip our team with personal protective equipment including reusable antimicrobial and water repellent masks, gloves and extensive training to reinforce standards of good personal and professional hygiene. Sanitisation kits will be provided to all guests upon arrival. Masks are available on our premises for anyone who needs them. 


We will continue to remain nimble as the situation evolves in order to better take care of everyone in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we may better serve you, please write to us at