The Warehouse Hotel was built in 1895 along the Singapore River as part of the Straits of Malacca trade route. At that time, the area was a hotbed of secret societies, underground activity, and liquor distilleries. Today, while much of that history has disappeared, The Warehouse Hotel has been meticulously restored as a modern 37-room boutique hotel, focusing on heritage and local culture.

Open as of January 2017, it delivers thoughtful hospitality with historically-detailed rooms, classic local dishes and craft cocktails and curated partnerships in the vibrant neighbourhood of Robertson Quay. The Warehouse Hotel is the inaugural hotel of renowned Singaporean hospitality firm The Lo & Behold Group and is part of the prestigious Design Hotels™ portfolio.

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Heritage & History

In 1911, a time when trade along the Straits was thriving, a businessman named Lim Ho Puah inherited a shipping company called Wee Bin & Co.

En route to becoming one of the most successful businessmen in Southeast Asia, he built one particularly beautiful building – with a peaked roof and shuttered windows, right along the river banks. It was what we colloquially known as a “godown”, or warehouse.

Formerly known as “Chiu Long Lo” in Hokkien, or “Spirits Shed Street.” One could find hundreds of variations of homemade arrack, tuak and toddy, being distilled in corners and alleyways, on this very road.

It was, at the time, the operating neighbourhood of Chinese and Fujianese secret societies. Gambling, prostitution and opium were commonplace. The Havelock Road neighbourhood was the verifiable red light district of its time, and The Warehouse sat in the very heart of it.

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