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Eat & Drink

The culinary programming throughout The Warehouse Hotel was crafted in partnership with Chef Willin Low, Mod-Sin pioneer and founder of Wild Rocket. The hotel’s flagship restaurant, Po, is a refined modern Singaporean concept presenting an array of local classics and elevated Singaporean staples. Po seeks to bridge the gap between our nation’s vibrant culinary heritage and our rich collective memories of home cooked specialties.



The Warehouse Hotel

Lobby Bar

Our Lobby Bar's craft cocktail programme reflects the three key eras of the property’s past. Representing its incarnation as an 1895 warehouse, known in Asia as a godown, are rustic infusions that transport you to the heart of the old spice trade such as the Singapore Sazerac – raisin bourbon, pandan bitters, rye, cognac, absinthe. 

Referencing Havelock Road’s time as Chiu Long Lo in Hokkien - or ‘Spirits Distillery Street’ are heavier concoctions such as the Madame Butterfly – roselle tequila, watermelon shrub, rosé, kaffir lime salt, soda. Flirty concoctions like Barbarella – hibiscus gin, elderflower, rhubarb, earl grey tea – are inspired by the venue’s transformation into an iconic disco in the 1980s. These are supported by a curated selection of Asian craft beers, spirits and fine wines.

Open from 7am-11.30pm (until 12.30am for Fri, Sat & eve of PH)

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The Warehouse Hotel Lobby Bar